Friday, September 25, 2015

Bugis Singaporean (New Location!)

I havent blogged for such a kong time now, Thank God for long weekends, now I have time to write about a restaurant that I recently discovered. I have been to Singapore a few years back, and I loved the country so much that eating their cuisine during my visit makes me want to go back. 
Shrimp cake (P35) each stick comes with two cakes, it tastes like your usual siomai though. 
Satay rice (P85) love this rice, it had a nice hint of spiciness perfect for the ala carte ulam you can order.
Fried Chicken. The sauce was quite salty but when paired with rice, it blends well together already. I also like the crisp skin it has.
Laksa rice (P135) i paired this with the Laksa I ordered. Laksa on Laksa it is!
Laksa (P205) Best Laksa in Manila! But wait there's a bonus, you get two rounds of soup refill! Slurp your way!

Bugis is the same restaurant as the Chomp Chomp restaurant you see near your schools. I heard that they'll be opening next year in UST! But since its still a year from now, visit their new lovation first in Banaue since its bigger, cleaner, and pretty much better than their previous branch. They'll be openning tomorrow, September 26! See you there!

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