Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tenka Shabu-shabu (Glorietta)

I was quite hesitant in posting this since I was not able to take ample amount of photos to do justice for the meal that we had in Tenka. But my family has dined here for several times already without me #dormerproblems and my brother-in-law couldn't stop talking about his visits here, so i got excites when I finally was able to convince my mother to eat here.
Buffet of appetizers such as Kimchi, cucumbers, mushrooms, and Kani Salad. The Kani salad was the balance I needed in my shabu-shabu.
Every person gets to choose one ala carte (sashimi, maki, tempura, gyoza) for their meal. I choose the Salmon sashimi which was fresh! The tempura was good perfectly cooked.
The base soup. We choose Satay and Japanese Pork Knee soup. I personally like the Satay better since the pork knee soup was a little bit too bland. Tip: put some peanut butter on your satay!
So here's the part I no longer was able to take photos due to some reasons like 1. I'm so hungry 2. The plates came one by one 3. The plates were placed too far away from me and I was cramped in the middle. So to make up for it, I took photos of the menu!! What I like about Tenka's unli shabu-shabu is their wide array of meats (pork, chicken, beef, lamb), vegetables, noodles, seafood (oysters, shrimps) and much more! I ordered several plates thinking that the serving are small. Boy I was wrong, the serving size was more than the pictures on the menu. So I ended up returning some of the plates I ordered. Tip: get the crab roe balls and mozarella balls!
Of course, no meal is finished without desserts. What I love from their ice cream selection is that they offer different flavors like Green tea and Pistachio. They also serve fresh fruits and some made desserts like fruit cocktails and cheesecake. The cheesecake was good since its not your usual cream cheese-cheesecakes in ordinary buffets. I even had the manager get me another plate even after the buffet closed already! Says something about their service, right? 

Visit Tenka in Glorietta. Take the escalator near Heaven and Eggs.

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