Friday, July 31, 2015

What's Inside my Med Bag?

I have received several queries regarding the "Med Bag" since some fraternities and sororities are already selling some merchandise. Of course, buying from them is no hassle but if you want to get the prices cheaper, then grab your friends and go to Bambang. 

Most med bags look like this, so I suggest you use a keychain to make your med bag look unique. It is not mandatory to get this kind of bag, as long as it has a wide mouth then I see no problem in that.
1. Alcohol
During practicals, they leave a big bottle of alcohol on the side table. Always remember to use it before and after every station.
2. Cotton
Use it to clean your instruments or to test for soft touch during the neurological exam (Trigeminal nerve)
3. Snellen's chart
This is used to test for visual acuity. Use the normal Snellen's chart that looks like this. During the practicals, they will ask you to interpret your results, too. Remember that the numerator is the number of meters a normal person can read while the denominator is the meters the patient can read. Oh, don't forget to test one eye at a time, ask your patient to cover one eye when testing the other.

4. Sphygmomanometer
This is a new purchase for me. I used to use a sphygmomanometer with a big cuff which caused me to get a zero in one of my stations since my patient was stick thin. Remember if your cuff is too big, you will underestimate the blood pressure. If its too small, you will overestimate the blood pressure. It is ideal to use a cuff that is 40% of your patient's arm's width and 80% of your patient's arm's circumference. Apply the cuff a few cms above the cubital area and tighten the cuff with two fingers inside.
5. Stethoscope 
I recommend Littmann- the professors prefer this too. I've seen some professors belittle some students because they used a less branded steth. Mean, I know. Get your Steth engraved too to avoid loses. I got mine engraved in Rustan's Makati, relatively cheap, less than P200 for my whole name.
6. Tounge depressor
We almost never used this. Buy a box of sterile tounge depressors and share among your group.
7. 2 short rulers
If possible, cut the edge of your rulers  down to the zero mark. You will be using this to get the patient's jugular pressure.
8. Tuning fork
You'll be using this to do the Rinne and Weber's test to test for hearing. I suggest you use the one below since its easier to use. The one above is hard to use that I literally had bruises just trying to make it work.
9. Thermometer
They are not too strict when it comes to the thermometer. I guess it would be good if you have an ear thermometer as it is faster to yield some results. All practicals are timed.
10. Pen light
I use an Allen and Irving- really good  quality but there is really no need for it. Most of my classmates just make use of their ballpens with light (you know the ones you buy in Divisoria or the banketa)
11. Reflex hammer
Try practicing your reflexes with your partners as it is sometimes hard to elicit.
12. Tape
They also provide this during the practicals.

**the pulse oximeter, otoscope, and opthalmoscope are not needed individually during the second year. At least one per group will suffice.

Goodluck Sophomores!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

One Greenbelt Hotel by Astoria (Makati City)

Blue green and black hues. Padded walls. Metal textures. Astoria hotels never fail my expectations when it comes to their interiors. They are very well thought- very chic and very modern. 
My family has been a member of Astoria for quite some time now. They send us some hotel vouchers from time to time for us to avail. Two weekends ago, we checked-in in their One Greenbelt Hotel branch in Makati for a short staycation which coincidentally coincided with a party I attended at Fairmont Hotel.
We were given two studio units which is a connecting room. The rooms were very simple with brown hues, its equipped with a kitchenette, cable tv, and hot&cold water. Its perfect for vacationers who want to stay right at the heart of Makati. In fact, its only a minute walk away from Greenbelt (Duh, hence the name hehe). 
The only thing I did not like about our room is that we had no windows. With lights off, it seemed like it was always night time (good for those who wants to sleep really loooooooong) but do not fret as we had a very comfortable stay in Astoria. Looking forward for our next staycation this coming September! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

International Lipstick Day with SM Beauty

DISCLAIMER: I do not really consider myself a beauty blogger. I personally think that I am not fit to be one since I'm not photogenic AT ALL. BUT I am so glad that I accepted my invite for today to celebrate the International Lipstick Day with SM Beauty in SM Makati. There was no event per se, but we were given the chance to do a shopping spree. Weee. I tagged along with me my mother- and she sure did enjoy it better than I did. 

SM Beauty offers a wide range of cosmetic brands from Mac, Covergirl, Nyx, BYS, Maybelline, Holika Holika, Etude House, Everbilena... and the list goes on. Name it, and they probably have it. Lucky me, most of the lipsticks are up to 50% off + 10% off if you are a SM Advantage card member. So, you'll really be able to maximize your money!
Since I only know one or two in doing makeup, i did the much needed research for my today's #Lipfie hahaha
I've always loved the idea of Ombre on the hair but never did I know that Ombre lips is a new trend, too. For this, I used Maybelline Fuschia and Rebel Orange. 
I used Maybelline's Madly Magenta on this photo, don't you think it suits me well? 'Cuz i'm loving the color!
And because of my today's beauty steals I might just even consider being a beauty blogger too. After all beauty comes from with in, right?

Don't worry, its not over yet as the lipstick festival is until August 26, 2015. Ample time for you to head on to SM Makati and grab your most favorite lipstick/s. And this is what I wore earlier while doing my spree.  Don't you think my green Rags2Riches clutch is a perfect accent to my ensemble?
"Celebrate the International Lipstick Day with @SMBeautyPH #SMLipstickFest. Visit The SM Store Beauty Section today and get up to 50% off from your favorite lipstick brands! Flaunt your own Lip Art for a chance to win a special prize! Upload your #Lipfie, tag @SMBeautyPH and use the hashtag #SMLipfie."

Friday, July 24, 2015

The half year mark has passed and just before we know it, its Christmas time once again. As early as now, Coca-cola started a new initiative #5by20 where they aim to empower women especially mothers by giving them trainings and providing them resources to start their own livelihood. Click on the link to learn more.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Katsu Sora (Promenade, Greenhills)

Many Katsu houses emerged with the famous Yabu Katsu House as the bearer. They are good, but I found a much better place! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Katsu Sora! Katsu Sora currently has five branches (SM BF, Trinoma, Tagaytay, Promenade, and Eastwood), for this post, I dined in Promenade, Greenhills.  

Every set meal consists of unlimited salad bar, miso soup, Japanese rice, and tea. I personally think that Katsu Sora's salad bar is worth going back for. You get more than just cabbage with sesame dressing but a bar with a variety of fruits, greens, and condiments. Need I say more that their potato salad is the best! I would not mind eating the potato salad alone. hehe
More salad dressings!!! While dining here, I saw a man eating pineapples with the creamy wasabi dressing. I wonder how that tasted like??
One more thing I like about the bar is the rice toppings. I love adding this to my meal as it adds more flavor with every bite. Just do not add too much as it could be too salty.
Sakura Katsu Curry (P365) I was not able to try this but my tita said that it was good but could have been better if they added apples instead of potatoes. 
Sakura Katsudon (P375) This is one of their best sellers. If you do not want the usual katsu, you can go with this. The sauce will save you from getting umay (HAHAHA! So conyo) and the egg was cooked properly. It is served in a bowl with fire underneath so your meal won't cool too soon.
Cheese and Ohba Mille Feuille (P365) See that oooozing cheese coming out of my katsu? Yummy. What I like most about their katsu is the breading that they use, its crunchy but still soft to chew.

Katsu Sora offers four kinds of pork (Sakura (lowest quality), Shimofuri, Kurobuta, Iberico (highest quality)). With all honesty, I can barely find the difference between these meats since you eat it along with your katsu sauce. If i'm not mistaken, the higher the quality of pork, the leaner the meat is. I, however, personally like my pork with fat as it gives more flavor to the meat. If curious, they offer a sampler set for P500 from 11am-5pm. 

So what are you waiting for? Visit their nearest branch!

Check their menu here.
Check their Facebook page here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pinto Art Museum (Antipolo City)

The "Earth" without "art" is just "eh"

I know most of you have visited this museum, but allow me to jump into the bandwagon even if I am a little too late hehehe. I visited the museum when it was raining hard so I was not able to enjoy the sun lounges around the vicinity. It would have been a perfect area to exchange stories with your friends. No need to worry where to eat as Bizu caters the cafes found here.

 Here are some photos I was able to take during my little trip up north.

My most favorite piece of art in the exhibit :) It reminds me of movies about robots or something. I want this piece in my future home.

Don't you think the art found here are very modern? I didn't want to post everything to still entice you to visit the museum yourselves.

Entrance Fee
P100 for students
P180 for non-students

Visit their Facebook page here.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nihon Bashitei (Arnaiz, Makati City)

This is probably my go to Japanese restaurant. I love this place because the food is of great quality but still very affordable. I order the same food over and over again. You know when you like something so much already, you get too scared to try something else with the fear that you might not like it as much? Here are my usuals.
Gyoza (P150) When you order gyoza in most restaurants they come by 4's or by 5's. Not in Nihon because they serve it by 8's which is a perfect appetizer for the whole group. The sauce that comes with it is not your usual kikoman 'cuz it has a little kick.
Spicy Tuna (P220) You can either choose Tuna or Salmon, I believe Tuna is better though. They make use of big cubes of Tuna and the dressing is very spicy. However, since there's bit much of dressing the usual crunch of the tempura flakes is no longer there.
Sukiyaki-don  (P280) Ample amounts of beef you can order another rice with it. We order this with fresh egg (its not part of the order), I know you might think its weird. But try it before you judge me. hehehe
Chirashi-don (P350) I love how much Uni it has, simply my favorite.
Nigiri Sushi (P 350) Technically, this is the sushi form of my Chirashi, order this when you want less rice and less hassle since its ready for eating. HAHAHA
Like every Japanese restaurant, they offer lunch sets which includes miso soup, an appetizer, and a choice of dessert: Iced coffee and Nata de Coco. Its going to be hard for me to fall asleep, but its worth it. hehe
Can you spot the smiley face? :)

Hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday.

Visit their Facebook page.
Click here for menu

Thursday, July 16, 2015

South Eats: Bucky's Counter, Outre, and Carpe Diem

I recently had a mini food trip in BF homes and visited three places that people are raving about. The curious me of course wanted to try it myself. A bit too late though, but late is better than never, right? I only tried their bestsellers since I wanted to save space in my tummy.

First up is Bucky's Counter, they claim that they are not a brownie. But they are brownies, i am pretty sure of that. In fact, I even googled what brownies are, and according to Oxford dictionary its 'a small square of rich chocolate cake' and thats exactly what it is.

I ordered Buckies n' Cream (P90) which is their version of Oreos. Its basically their original with cream, but I really don't find the need to order the one with the cream since the brownie is already sweet and the cream was just too much already. I think I got too much sugar rush I already got dizzy. But do not get me wrong, the brownie is very rich, dense, and moist. Try ordering with coffee or a warm cup of milk.  

Located in the same building is Outre, I'm sure you've seen this in Instagram, too. They use liquid nitrogen in preparing the gelato on the spot which gives the smoking effect that adds to the thrill while waiting for your order.
They only have a few flavors, their best seller is Milo Dinosaur (P150), the gelato is really dense and creamy. I did not find it too sweet unlike what I have heard. I like the idea of putting the chocolate syrup in a syringe (the medtech in me is happy) but its too few for the quantity. I ended up putting syrup on top only, the rest had none.  

Lastly, I dined in Carpe Diem which was less than a kilometer away from where Bucky's Counter and Outre are located at. After too much sweetness, I needed something savory. (We dined afterlunch that's why dessert was first in our itinerary)
When I asked the waitress about their best sellers, she answered that its anything with their spicy chicken on it. So, I ordered Spicy Chicken and Shrimps (P220). Once again, I am not a fan of chicken but their spicy chicken was excellente. They crusted the chicken fillet with chili flakes. The shrimps were buttered and was perfect to balance the spiciness of the chicken.

I am no fan of Teriyaki but since it was a best seller I ordered Bacon Teriyaki Rice (P150), one bite and it captivated me. Yummm. The nori was a good twist to the dish and the egg was cooked perfectly too.

By the time I finished my food, I can barely breath anymore. hehehe Too much food made me so sleepy, too.