Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nihon Bashitei (Arnaiz, Makati City)

This is probably my go to Japanese restaurant. I love this place because the food is of great quality but still very affordable. I order the same food over and over again. You know when you like something so much already, you get too scared to try something else with the fear that you might not like it as much? Here are my usuals.
Gyoza (P150) When you order gyoza in most restaurants they come by 4's or by 5's. Not in Nihon because they serve it by 8's which is a perfect appetizer for the whole group. The sauce that comes with it is not your usual kikoman 'cuz it has a little kick.
Spicy Tuna (P220) You can either choose Tuna or Salmon, I believe Tuna is better though. They make use of big cubes of Tuna and the dressing is very spicy. However, since there's bit much of dressing the usual crunch of the tempura flakes is no longer there.
Sukiyaki-don  (P280) Ample amounts of beef you can order another rice with it. We order this with fresh egg (its not part of the order), I know you might think its weird. But try it before you judge me. hehehe
Chirashi-don (P350) I love how much Uni it has, simply my favorite.
Nigiri Sushi (P 350) Technically, this is the sushi form of my Chirashi, order this when you want less rice and less hassle since its ready for eating. HAHAHA
Like every Japanese restaurant, they offer lunch sets which includes miso soup, an appetizer, and a choice of dessert: Iced coffee and Nata de Coco. Its going to be hard for me to fall asleep, but its worth it. hehe
Can you spot the smiley face? :)

Hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday.

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