Thursday, July 16, 2015

South Eats: Bucky's Counter, Outre, and Carpe Diem

I recently had a mini food trip in BF homes and visited three places that people are raving about. The curious me of course wanted to try it myself. A bit too late though, but late is better than never, right? I only tried their bestsellers since I wanted to save space in my tummy.

First up is Bucky's Counter, they claim that they are not a brownie. But they are brownies, i am pretty sure of that. In fact, I even googled what brownies are, and according to Oxford dictionary its 'a small square of rich chocolate cake' and thats exactly what it is.

I ordered Buckies n' Cream (P90) which is their version of Oreos. Its basically their original with cream, but I really don't find the need to order the one with the cream since the brownie is already sweet and the cream was just too much already. I think I got too much sugar rush I already got dizzy. But do not get me wrong, the brownie is very rich, dense, and moist. Try ordering with coffee or a warm cup of milk.  

Located in the same building is Outre, I'm sure you've seen this in Instagram, too. They use liquid nitrogen in preparing the gelato on the spot which gives the smoking effect that adds to the thrill while waiting for your order.
They only have a few flavors, their best seller is Milo Dinosaur (P150), the gelato is really dense and creamy. I did not find it too sweet unlike what I have heard. I like the idea of putting the chocolate syrup in a syringe (the medtech in me is happy) but its too few for the quantity. I ended up putting syrup on top only, the rest had none.  

Lastly, I dined in Carpe Diem which was less than a kilometer away from where Bucky's Counter and Outre are located at. After too much sweetness, I needed something savory. (We dined afterlunch that's why dessert was first in our itinerary)
When I asked the waitress about their best sellers, she answered that its anything with their spicy chicken on it. So, I ordered Spicy Chicken and Shrimps (P220). Once again, I am not a fan of chicken but their spicy chicken was excellente. They crusted the chicken fillet with chili flakes. The shrimps were buttered and was perfect to balance the spiciness of the chicken.

I am no fan of Teriyaki but since it was a best seller I ordered Bacon Teriyaki Rice (P150), one bite and it captivated me. Yummm. The nori was a good twist to the dish and the egg was cooked perfectly too.

By the time I finished my food, I can barely breath anymore. hehehe Too much food made me so sleepy, too.

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