Wednesday, July 15, 2015

South Eats: Soga Miga (Molito, Alabang)

Another series I'm starting in my blog is "South Eats," my friends (who are mostly from the north) usually say I live in a province and thinks that the south is no longer part of Metro Manila. We always have this competition of what's better, north or south. Of course, I would say SOUTH. South all the way. I love the very chill vibes the south has to offer. Anyway, I hope my posts will encourage the northerners to visit the south once in awhile.

I have dined in Soga Miga handful of times already. I think its one of the underrated restaurants i've eaten in. Zomato rates it 3.5, and I do not know why. I love anything spicy hence, korean cuisine is love. hehehe 
What I love most about Korean cuisine is the appetizers all you want that they serve. A big plus for Filipinos who love anything unlimited. What I like with Soga Miga is that they serve really fresh kimchi and the side salad which fights the spiciness of the food to come. 
I will always order the same thing when dining in a korean restaurant. That is, my Bibimbap (P350) served in a hot stone bowl. Basically its a dish where in you just add whatever you see in your refrigerator. But of course, I love Soga Miga's take on it. They add mushrooms to their bibimbap and it complements with everything. The togue that they use are also very crunchy. The bean paste they use is a mixture of salty and spicy. I just hope that they add more beef.
I have never tried Kimchi Stew (P300) before since I always opted to order Bulgogi which is sweet and good for the kids. This time however I tried the Kimchi stew which was unexpectedly good and to my liking. Its like our Sinigang but spicy. 

And that's it. Finish your meal with some dessert places in ATC (Bannapple- Forever favorite, Vanilla Cupcake) or the nearby BF homes which I'll be blogging about tomorrow. 

*Soga Miga is found in Molito Complex in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

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