Thursday, July 23, 2015

Katsu Sora (Promenade, Greenhills)

Many Katsu houses emerged with the famous Yabu Katsu House as the bearer. They are good, but I found a much better place! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Katsu Sora! Katsu Sora currently has five branches (SM BF, Trinoma, Tagaytay, Promenade, and Eastwood), for this post, I dined in Promenade, Greenhills.  

Every set meal consists of unlimited salad bar, miso soup, Japanese rice, and tea. I personally think that Katsu Sora's salad bar is worth going back for. You get more than just cabbage with sesame dressing but a bar with a variety of fruits, greens, and condiments. Need I say more that their potato salad is the best! I would not mind eating the potato salad alone. hehe
More salad dressings!!! While dining here, I saw a man eating pineapples with the creamy wasabi dressing. I wonder how that tasted like??
One more thing I like about the bar is the rice toppings. I love adding this to my meal as it adds more flavor with every bite. Just do not add too much as it could be too salty.
Sakura Katsu Curry (P365) I was not able to try this but my tita said that it was good but could have been better if they added apples instead of potatoes. 
Sakura Katsudon (P375) This is one of their best sellers. If you do not want the usual katsu, you can go with this. The sauce will save you from getting umay (HAHAHA! So conyo) and the egg was cooked properly. It is served in a bowl with fire underneath so your meal won't cool too soon.
Cheese and Ohba Mille Feuille (P365) See that oooozing cheese coming out of my katsu? Yummy. What I like most about their katsu is the breading that they use, its crunchy but still soft to chew.

Katsu Sora offers four kinds of pork (Sakura (lowest quality), Shimofuri, Kurobuta, Iberico (highest quality)). With all honesty, I can barely find the difference between these meats since you eat it along with your katsu sauce. If i'm not mistaken, the higher the quality of pork, the leaner the meat is. I, however, personally like my pork with fat as it gives more flavor to the meat. If curious, they offer a sampler set for P500 from 11am-5pm. 

So what are you waiting for? Visit their nearest branch!

Check their menu here.
Check their Facebook page here.

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