Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hole in the Wall: Bad bird, Posporo, and Scout's Honor

Ever since Century City Mall opened its doors, everyone went crazy for Hole in the Wall. Its an upscale food court that serves different cuisines from Filipino, Chinese, Latin, to Middle Eastern. Hole in the Wall is not only about the good food but also the ambiance is very homey with its wooden ornaments. Instragram-able indeed! 

On to the food, my first stop was Bad Bird's Corn and coleslaw plate (P330 + service charge). This is probably the most famous establishment and it is rated as one of the top restaurants in the Metro now. They take pride with their umami-licious fried chicken which was very tender. The salad was normal but the corn was unique because they added Kewpie, Cheese, and Bonito flakes that made it taste like Japanese food. Their chicken also comes in safe, spicy and chemical. I got the spicy, and it was not as hot I expected. I wonder how the chemical would taste like though. 
Posporo Rice Plate (P260 + service charge). Posporo is a fusion of Filipino and Latin American food. I guess this is a first, right? I tried it, and it did not disappoint. I choose their bestseller meat Sarsi Adobo Carnitas. I picked it because it was marinated with orange juice, cinnamon, and Sarsi Rootbeer which really intrigued me. The platter includes Kesong Puti ensalada, baked bens, and onion Atsara. Definitely a must try!
Another popular establishment is Scout's Honor, where you can make your own cookie. I got their premium cookie Nutella (P90+service charge). I personally think that their cookies are overrated since I was not impressed at all. Maybe i'll try to craft my own next time, and I will let you know if I change my mind about this place.

As you can see the prices are quite steep but its worth it because of three reasons: 1. the food serving is big (really filling) 2. even though they add 12 or 6% service charge- their service was really prompt. my water was refilled instantly. 3. Lastly, and most importantly, the food was gastronomic!

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