Thursday, July 9, 2015

Eggs for Breakfast Cafe (Mambugan, Antipolo City)

After so much wrong turns and road blocks, finally we arrived at Eggs For Breakfast. We were really hungry when we got there since it was past 2 o'clock already and based from the previous blogs that i've read, service was slow so I got scared for my grumbling stomach. The cafe was still full when we arrived but good thing we were seated right away. Our orders arrived faster than I expected, Thank God!
    Pan American Breakfast (P470) a full set of two kinds of sausages, bacon, eggs, potatoes, beans and mushroom. This set could have been much better if they sweved it with garlic rice or sinangag. Well thats the Filipino in me talking. I found the serving few for the price. Four pieces of mushroom, seriously? I'd probably not order this next time.
   Tapa (P235) I love the marinade of the Tapa. Very flavorful. The meat was also tender. I'd definitely order this again.
   Cafe Americano (P70) I'm no coffee drinker but the boyfriend said it tasted ordinary, nothing special.
   Calamansi juice (P30) love. Love. Love. The juice was perfect. Not too sweet nor too sour. The calamansi juice was very refreshing.
    I can not say that I am fond of their food because I was not that impressed. I felt that the cafe was too overrated. But maybe, i'll try dining once more ordering another item on the menu. 

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