Sunday, June 21, 2015

Basil Thai Restaurant

Basil was once a gardening supply store until it was turned into a beautiful homey restaurant. The wooden floors, the sound of the flowing water fall, and the luscious green plants all contribute to its ambiance. 

After a week of eating Vietnamese and Cambodian cuisine (which is very similar to Thai cuisine) I thought I'll find myself puking with just the thought of it. But Basil did a good job that made me want to have more spoonfuls one after the other.
Tom Yum Ta Lay P350. The soup was really tasty and creamy with a kick of spiciness you expect with a Tom Yum Soup. Warning: Extra hot when you accidentally eat the chopped labuyos! 
Thai Crispy Fish with Mango Salad P370. The fish remained crispy until the last bite even after mixing the whole salad. Its sourness is a good twist to all the spicy food that we are about to eat.
Pad Thai P360. I have read reviews who disliked their Pad Thai. I, on the other hand, love their Pad Thai. I even finished it 'til the last strip of noodle. I like the blend of sweetness of the sauce, the nuttiness and the lemon.
Grilled Pork Ribs with Honey P245.  It's good but after eating a lot, I forgot how it really tastes like. Not too remarkable for me. It almost tasted like the meat found on our Bagoong Rice.
Thai Vegetable Lettuce Wrap P295. I love anything that involves lettuce wrap but this one I do not like much. I'm tasting an herb that tasted too weird for me. Or maybe I'm just biased since i'm not a big vegetable lover?
Emerald Chicken P295. This my brother and nephew LOVE. The chicken was small but when you dip it with the sauce and sesame seeds, it makes all the difference.
Thai Bagoong Rice P298. This can serve 3 persons. Its an 'ulam' by itself. I love the saltiness it brings along with all the flavorful food we had.
Crispy Fish with Three Flavored Sauce P825. At first thought, 825 for a medium-sized fish seemed too expensive but wait until you've eaten it. The outside was crispy while the meat was still soft. The sauce had a beautiful play of flavors hence its name.

We dined during lunch time and the lighting of the place seemed to dim for me. Maybe try dining at night? Besides that, I have no complains with this restaurant.

Katipunan Avenue, cor. White Plains, QC
Tel # 9114158
Open from 1130am to 1030pm

Check their menu at Zomato.
Check out their Facebook page.

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