Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#OOTD Series: Vietnam and Cambodia

I tried my very best to pack "light" which of course was very hard for me to do. I used my medium-sized baggage which surprisingly was 1/3 full only and weighing 10kgs hehehe unlike any other bloggers out there, I wanted to be the realistic one, I packed which are deemed feasible (I cannot afford to have many outfit change per day nor will I wear a maong jacket under a scorching sun for #ootd purposes).

Tip: Pack your essentials. A light-weight bag that can go with your outfits while fitting everything, three pairs of shoes: rubbershoes, sandals, and slippers., a scarf that will save you from the cold aircon buses and plane, and give you that much needed cover., and lastly your 'oomph' fashion item: may it be a hat, shades, or a belt.
White, green, and brown hues are my to go colors

Vietnam and Cambodia are two countries who are very conservative. It is almost always advisable for one to wear clothes that cover both your shoulders and knees. For countries that are even hotter than Manila, this is a problem as we want to wear our breeziest clothes: a spaghetti strap and short shorts.

I tried my best to come up with outfits that will go well with our itinerary. Here they go.

Day 1: Mekong Delta Tour
Photography by: Andrew Qua

Teal is such a lovely color, it pops out with any background. The color itself is your statement.
Rompers are very easy for ready-to-go women like me.

Day 2: Cu chi Tunnels
A trip to Cu chi tunnels require you to duck walk/crawl under a narrow tunnel (which was way bigger than it used to be) where pants can save you from a wound or two. Plus, its set in a forest so pants are best to avoid all mosquitoes.
I originally wanted to wear a cap with this outfit. Unfortunately, it was very cloudy. Wearing one may be too off.

Day 3: City tour
Photography by: Mara Medina
Photography by: Andrew Qua

Everyone in the group was wearing the shades of black and/or white. Black is too dark for a hot day so I opted to wear a white breezy dress, instead. 
Who thought that a cellphone case can be your fashion accessory too!

Day 4: Killing Fields
Photography by: Andrew Qua

I wanted to wear this ensemble since it will perfectly match the red walls of the Royal Palace. Too sad that we arrived past 11 o'clock and it was already closed.
A maxi skirt can be more breezy than your pants so you can opt for this one and it gives you that needed cover.

Day 5: Phnom Kulen Mountain
A visit in Phnom Kulen includes a little hike so a sporty wear will be perfect!
Photography by: Andrew Qua

After swimming in the falls, I changed into this. I bought this pants during my trip, you can easily find this everywhere in both Vietnam and Cambodia. Its a good pasalubong for your love ones, too.
I borrowed that red hat i'm wearing which made me realize that maybe you can talk out with your travel companions on what they'll wear and you can share some things.

Day 6: Temple tour
Photography by: Andrew Qua

The temples are mostly in the hues of brown, grey, green so wear clothing that will pop in those colors. Some temples are very strict when it comes to dress code so bring your favorite scarf along with you for cover andddddddddddd as props for your #ootd.

So that's it. I hope you like my first attempt in doing my #ootd posts. I'm sure i'll get better in time! So watch out for my #ootd series from time to time ;)

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