Saturday, June 13, 2015

Where to Eat in Sagada

When in Sagada expect affordable and big servings while do NOT expect a fast service since the locals are not used to having too much tourists in the town and they only cook the food once you order it (which i think is good since you're sure that you're eating fresh food!!). I suggest you reserve ahead of time in the restaurants you want to eat at to prevent the queue.

My favorite restaurant in town is Ristorante Biag. I actually dined there thrice since I think this restaurant is most worthy of your money.
Roast Porkloin(There's actually 2 of the pork, I just ate it ahead of time hehe)  for P180. My favorite here!

Eggplant pasta and Shrimp Curry also for P180! Yummm yumm yumm!

Can you believe that this Lasagana only costs for P130, not bad at all! The strawberry shake is very fresh too for P50!

Our tour guide recommended Sagada Brew. Their good was okay, they make their own pesto, too!
I probably drank hot chocolate in every meal... and I loved the hot chocolate in Sagada Brew perfect for my pesto sandwich! Everything for less than P200!

Remember the part in 'That Thing Called Tadhana' where Angelica drank hot chocolate at? Well, its here at Gaia. Its a vegetarian restaurant- its actually good even for non-veggie lovers since the food do not actually taste like one.

Malunggay Chips with bean sauce for P80! Healthy definitely tastes good here!Vegetarian BBQ for P125. There are only 3 main dishes in the restaurant, and this bbq tasted the best, even better than their best seller Vegetarian Adobo. Trust me!
I really dont think there is anything special with their muffins nor crossaint here though.
You can get your desserts at the Yogurt house and Sagada Lemon Pie House. I honestly, did not like the lemon pie- it tasted like sour gelatin only. I really do not get what the fuss was all about with the pie. On the other hand, the yogurt was LEGIT- mixed with honey, granola, and strawberry jam! Yummm. Love in a cup!

Don't forget to try their famous 'Etag' which is like a bacon- its cured for months! I heard that the Igorots started this practice to prolong the meat they hunted. These are just some of the places I've tried in Sagada. I'm sure there are other great places to dine at too!

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