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This is one of my most spontaneous trip to date. I was only advised to come 12 hours prior to departure. For someone like me who LOVES to prepare for trips definitely had a hard time traveling in such short notice, i forgot a lot nor was I able to plan what to bring or wear. But it was not much of a nightmare, of course, there is another beauty to spontaneity.

First on our trip is one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Underground River tour, I have done this during my trip to Palawan last December so I was not as awed as it was the first time (actually, i fell asleep during the tour already- i guess all guides have the same jokes to say hehe). Don't get me wrong, the river surely is still a wonder.
The line was long so we had our buffet lunch first... I pushed my friends to try out 'Tamilok' or silkworm...Yumm looks like a worm but tastes like oysters, I promise! 
 It would take you another 20 minute boat ride to get to the entrance of the river

The entrance!

After the tour, we proceeded to a dragging 5-6hour trip to El Nido. If you have the means, I believe a direct flight to El Nido is worth it. Originally, we were directed to Sea Slugs (which is a resto-bar by the beach, all guides recommended this- I dont know if they have a cut for advertising) but the service was so slow and terrible that we decided to leave. But since we were so tired and hungry already , we just opted to eat at no other than The Jollibee foodtruck that is overpriced (compared to Manila, from P99 to P136 for a 2-piece chicken with no drinks).

Its a good strategy on how they equally scattered the best places to see so that you'll want to do all tours. Unfortunately, we only had two days of touring so my friends got a package that included the Tour A and C only (they offer combinations of tours but it is more expensive and you'll have time restrictions in each attraction). We first took tour C. Let me narrate our tour with photos instead;
Hidden Beach

The tour packages come with buffet lunch and this is the Yummiest meal we had in El Nido. The crabs were heave.
Matinloc has one of the best breathtaking views of El Nido!
the 'best' snorkling place in El Nido says our guide. I was quite disappointed as I've seen a lot better. There were no colorful fishes or reefs. El nido is a lot of things but snorkling sites is not one of them.
For me, food in El Nido is somehow expensive especially to students like us. Since eating in cheap places no longer is a choice, eating in their best (top-rated) restaurants  is to go. I read several blogs re where to eat and Artcafe was one of them. To cap our night, we dined here then went to Habibi for some Shisha night for only P350. Cheaper than elsewhere!Margarita-like pizza + pesto pasta at P300 each. Both good!
The next day, we took Tour A which is more relaxed than tour C. Let me once again narrate our tour with photos;
The view inside the Hideen Lagoon.
Sightseeing in Big Lagoon! Namangha ako! Bbbbbbeautiful!
Me getting giddy with the food!!!
The view in our lunch area was so gorgeous i cant resist not taking photos! Our boatman said that its Ayala's island
Paddling my way at Small Lagoon. 
 My most favorite spot in El Nido! Kayak Rental at P300/hr, I suggest you rent it in town for P500/day.

We ate at the 'best' restaurant in town (acc. to reviews) but I think this restaurant is overrated. The food is good but not the best I've tasted. There is also no service water, thats a big disappointment for us.
All pizza were made fresh, the dough was soft and chewy. My friends like the sausage the most.
On our last day, we traveled back to Puerto Princessa, bought psalubongs, ate or lunch at my favorite restaurant Ka inato before heading to the airport.
Once again, it was time to say adios to a beautiful paradise like Palawan.

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